Friday, December 28, 2007

The Rite Stuff

I thought perhaps I ought to mention that AFTER Jeanne chose and hired Kathleen as her Stardancer, we learned that Kathleen has a kind of personal interest in the project. Her own father was a Canadian helicopter test pilot--a contemporary and cohort of the men who were the first to go into space, men like Yeager, Glenn, Grissom, and Young. Sadly, he was one of the all-too-many unlucky test pilots who "augured in," as they say. The Right Stuff can kill you just as easily as put you on the moon. Anyway, I think Kathleen may feel a personal connection to this project--and if her father is still aware of events on this plane, I'm quite sure he'll be wearing a proud grin on Sunday, as she slips the surly bonds. So will we all.



Anonymous said...

I found this link on "boing Boing". As a "Fan" from the past it felt like coming full circle home. Excitment and joy to you. It's possible that peace on earth may follow escape from the (gravity)well. If I remember the novella correctly it took several steps to the ultimate, please add my love and blessings. ( also a cash token, but that is a different path)

Mister Staal said...

I found this through Boing Boing as well. Congratulations Jeanne on finding someone who suits the part so perfectly! So Spider... when are you going to catch up and open Callahans?

Happy non-denominational politically correct holiday season too!

grabsl said...

As both a professional dancer and a not-professional-at-all space geek myself, I would love to hear Kathleen's own thoughts and stories about getting ready, how rehearsal works, the dancing in microgravity experience, and the whole project! In short, I'd like her on the blog too, please!!

Anonymous said...

"Augered in."

Lenora Lundquist - Honorary Stardancer said...

I'm excited to see forward motion Stardance project. I was beginning to wonder if the project was going to get off the ground. (Heh.) Will small donations still be of assistance?

Anonymous said...

I hope so, Lenora, because I'm planning on donating again while the flight is going on today in hopes of it adding just a bit more lift to the project.

Spider, any chance of you featuring Jeanne, Kathleen and James on your podcast soon?

Jeanne Robinson said...

Hi Lenora and Jan, and all of you Stardancing friends,

I'm at home now, and just wanted to say thanks again for all of your ongoing support. Every dollar you send makes a big difference. I couldn't have taken this vision forward without the help of all of my honorary Stardancer friends, listed on the site as Supporters.

As always, much thanks. This is only the beginning of realizing a life-long dream. Our zero-gravity experience was a major step towards reaching our goal of making a large-format film for everyone to enjoy.

Warm, weightless smiles,