Sunday, December 23, 2007


In just 7 days, we'll be flying high in Zero-G Corp's refitted 727 out of Vegas.  Dreams really do come true!  Thank you, Dr. Peter Diamandis.

We'll be sharing the Gold Section of the plane with several other guests, making it challenging for Captain Jim to film Kathleen McDonagh dancing in zero-g.  I've choreographed several sequences for Kathleen.  We're prepared to adapt the movement, and improvise, if need be.  Like my Zen teacher wisely told me the first time we met, "Be ready."  I assure you, we are doing our best.

If we're lucky, each of the 12 weightless parabolas will be 20 to 30 seconds long.  I've watched footage of past rides and noticed that parabolas can be as short as 16 to 18 seconds each on any given ride.  Not a lot of time to dance.  But I've designed the movements to be broken down into shorter phrases.  If we're lucky, we may get enough time and space on our flight to shoot Kathleen performing the entire dance.  It depends on several factors, all out of our control. 

This is the opportunity I've been waiting for since Spider came up from his pit and announced he was going to write a story about a zero gravity dancer.  That was 30 years ago.  As you can imagine, I'm ready for this ride.

Stardancer Jeanne


JanMSchroeder said...

Best of luck to you both. I'll be thinking of you all that day.

Jan from FL

Jeanne Robinson said...

Thanks, Jan. You are a treasure.