Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finally On G-Force One

We've made it, we are in VEGAS. And we have just gotten back to the hotel after some pre-production and full-g rehearsal time aboard G-Force one. The folks at Zero-G are a wonderful bunch, and they are doing their level best (no pun intended, sorry Spider) to accommodate our particular needs.
Here are the four of us are on G-Force one - the plane that will take Jeanne, Kathleen and I aloft. More to come this evening, but it's dinnertime for some weary travelers.


Jessica said...

When when?? A bunch of us want to time our meditation for you tomorrow!

James Sposto said...

Jessica...we'll be going aloft at 11AM Pacific Time - and be back about two hours later.

Jessica said...

Thanks! We'll be out there/in there rooting for you!

YourFireAnt said...

As will I. Not meditating, but being there.. in spirit.

Gute fahrt! [as the Germans would say].