Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Year

We've had a request for an update...

I wish we had more to say regarding Stardance.  It has been put in the hands of David Gerrold's new agent.  A friend of mine in Hollywood very recently told me that he spoke to a respected colleague/mentor of David's who read it and said "it was good".  David and I are planning who should get it next, but both of us have other responsibilities superseding Stardance in the mean time.

David has been publishing his catalog on Amazon and in other digital forms, teaching screenwriting at AFI and taking care of his literary career while my life has gone back into the world of business after my hiatus spent writing this screenplay - and my energies are fully directed at my new technology startup, Xtrant.  Once Xtrant is fully launched this year I will be redirecting some energy back into pushing Stardance up the Hollywood hill. 

(I must mention that I have two daughters in college now, one pursuing film at NYU and the other taking her own hiatus from Parsons to pursue her music career.  Any of you who've put kids through college can probably sympathize.)

But we know you want to see the movie - everyone does.  The best I can do right now, for those so inclined, is to let you read the screenplay.

Contact me personally via Facebook or Google+ and I will grant you secure access to it.

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