Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Post?

The months have been hurtling by, 12 of them since Mr. Gerrold and I wrote the first complete draft of our adaptation of Stardance, about 9 since we felt it ready to show.

I don't want to give anyone false hope, so please take what I say with the understanding that "Hollywood" can be a slow place to do business. In those nine months it has been, and is being, shown around. It is in the hands of various producers and agents. Some have said nice things, our fingers continue to be crossed.

In the meantime, life goes on and much more important things are happening.

Spider and Jeanne's lovely daughter Terri is now battling cancer.

Give her your energy and love - and read about it on her blog.

Thank you for your love, kindness and patience.

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Diana said...

Please, it's been nearly a year. May we have an update?