Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Explanded Footage

Here's the official press clip used by CTV's AM Canada - it features a few more moments of Kathleen and Jeanne getting used to Zero-G and a few more attempted phrases (notice the drift I mention in the previous post.) The actual interview with Jeanne and Kathleen is linked from the next post.



Anonymous said...

The more clips I see of Kathleen dancing the more convinced I am that she needs to get on-orbit in a fair size pressure vessel.
perhaps we should chase down Jerry and David to get the actual location of the phenoix. Then get Nasa to haul one of the fuel tanks they throw away on the way up.

Keep playing it's assume footage
Love to all
Tom M

Anonymous said...

Short and imperfect trip through Zero-G, but with perfect moments of movement from Kathleen that are just beautiful. I'm so happy you got to experience this.

Hairhead said...

This is my first look at a dancer in null-G and all I can say is that it is magnificent, magisterial, mysterious . . . I can in my imagination play a feature-length movie of this, and myself drowned in awe.