Sunday, September 27, 2009

Inconceivable Mutual Benefit

Before I danced at my benefit concert, I told the audience that my Zen teacher Reb Anderson Roshi describes the fourth and highest state of samadhi as the collective realization of "inconceivable mutual benefit"....exactly what we were all experiencing together at that moment. What an extraordinary event. I felt bathed in love and warmth and kindness and support. Matt Maxwell and Michelle Meyrink had everything running smoothly on tracks, and the musical talent was absolutely top notch, even for Bowen Island. My sister Laurie startled the dickens out of me by appearing as a Surprise Guest at the beginning of the evening, all the way from Dartmouth MA....bearing with her a video of my youngest sister Dori Legge singing a song she had just written for me, "Three Wishes," accompanied by her guitarist husband Donn.

After intermission I got up onstage and danced a dance of shared love and bliss. Spider was the last act, singing two love songs to me (one by him, and one written by my elder sister Kathy Rubbicco); then I joined him for his finale: James Raymond's beautiful song for Crosby & Nash, "Lay Me Down."
The concert took in a substantial amount of money which will be a huge help to us in the weeks to come. But more would still be most welcome: you can send donations via PayPal and Jan Schroeder continues to run her science fictional Dream For Jeanne Auctions on my behalf. I literally can never thank enough all of you who have contributed already, for your kindness and accompanying words of support and love. It means a lot to know that I've touched so many lives so intimately.


Cameron said...

This must have been an incredible event - and a very personally emotional one, so I almost hesitate to ask this, but...
There are multitudes of fans of the Stardance universe that have never seen you dance. If this was not too personal, and if it was recorded, making this event available as a DVD would be a double blessing - it would generate much needed income for you, and give us a glorious moment in time to see THE Stardancer dance! Including some footage in the zero g plane flight of the dancer would be fabulous as well, as an extra...and close captioning for the deaf/hard of hearing (which I am) a must.
I hope I have not given offense with this suggestion. It could smack of blatant comercialization - but I think it would be a gift to the world! I recently saw Pilobolus dance here in my home city - and all I could think about - when I could think past the jaw dropped awe - was about the Stardance. You guys deeply affected and changed my life...thank you!

Stonecat said...

I agree with cameron - I would liove to see Jeanne dance.

Also, because I can't find a better way to communicate it - the song "Fireflys" by Owl City has been reminding me of "Stardance" Makes me do the happy crying thing.