Saturday, May 2, 2009

Miracles of Each Moment

Underneath the blazing orange-red Zen circle hanging above my altar, calligrapher Kazuaki Tanahashi wrote, “Miracles of each moment.” I’ve been studying those words daily since I became ill.

My latest miracle came last week on West 10th Avenue where Dr. Sharlene Gill and the board of specialists unanimously agreed that I’m healed enough to travel cross country to NY for our granddaughter’s birth. A true miracle!

For the moment, I’m off the hook, and in joyous disbelief. After weeks of lamenting the lost opportunity to be there for the birthing of my first grandchild, I find once again that as Mark Twain said, “The worst moments of my life…never happened.”

Spider and I found a fabulous cat-sitter for Symba, and now we’re busy packing for our early morning departure. So we’re happily heading east in time to meet baby Marisa Alegria da Silva, Buddha’s newest incarnation.

--Jeanne (aka: Nana Canada)


Amy Baxter said...

Bless you and your trip, and don't discount the wonderful blessing that your daughter is DELIGHTED to have you there. Love, Amy and Louis

tom m said...

Happy Trails, there are few things in life cooler than the grand baby

Gina said...

What a fantastic name! That's so exciting... congratulations!

Dr^2 said...

I couldn't be more thrilled and happy to hear this wonderful news! Enjoy this special amazing moment!

Love to you!

YourFireAnt said...

What a great sobriquet you've given yourself (or someone has given you). I'm glad to hear you'll be there for the birth.