Tuesday, May 13, 2008

News from the front

Jim and I will be attending the Space Frontier Foundation's next annual conference in Washington, D.C. -- "NewSpace 2008: Creating the Future or Living in the Past" from July 17 to 19. We plan to be exhibitors at the conference. Our intention is to dazzle the attendees -- a mix of revolutionary space entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, engineers and space policy leaders -- important contacts for us, as well as potential sponsors for the film.

We've also joined the Giant Screen Cinema Association. We'll be attending their International Conference and Trade Show in Jersey City and New York City in September. The GSCA is the professional development network to advance the international business of producing and presenting giant screen experiences for the public. Networking with our fellow GSCA members will be quite useful for us as well.

In other news, our novel STARDANCE was recently released as a Blackstone Audiobook read by Spider. My partner Jim created the fabulous cover art for the audiobook using a brilliant visual tie-in to our film. Check it out at Blackstone's site. And while you're there, listen to a sample of Spider reading our story. Perhaps it will inspire you to listen to him read the entire novel.

Over the next few months Blackstone will release the other two novels in the trilogy, STARSEED and STARMIND, also recorded by Spider with cover art by Jim.

That's the latest news from the Stardance front. Many thanks for your continued interest and ongoing support.

Warm weightless smiles,

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Imam said...

Greetings from the birthplace of Buddha.

I beleive I can fly...

I am a dancer and a dreamer... the dreamer who dances and the dancer who flies across the entire universe...

Thank you for manifesting our dreams and our dances into a reality!

With an attitude of humility, sincerity, gratitude, regard and much respect.

Maitreya bless us all with health, wealth and happiness of mind, body and spirit!