Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Le Morte d'Arthur

Dear Sir Arthur,

Thank you for being a beacon of light, leading Humankind to transcendence, giving a vision of our future, and staying true to science. As you join your brothers in arms - the masters who have influenced us all - bring them our best wishes.

You will be missed.

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John Barnstead said...

I only learned of Sir Arthur's death from this post. Yesterday, not knowing, because my colleague Yuri Leving had asked me for information on Western reactions and possible SF references to the Tungus meteor/comet strike in Siberia, I sought out and viewed Sir Arthur's TV broadcast from 1980 on the subject. For me Childhood's End was my first contact with Jeanne and Spider's Starmind, and Against the Fall of Night was, when I read it shortly after I learned how to read, a transcendent experience.

A large soul, and a gift to us that I'm glad we hadn't to deserve to receive.